Hylton Constructions was established in 1995 as a carpentry business working in the Kew Gardens estate.

Hylton continued to carry on to be a domestic and commercial carpentry business becoming a preferred contractor by many of Melbourne's preferred builders.

Over the years Dean, as director has paid attention to many of the weaknesses and strengths that these builders and their clients have experienced and tried to apply measures of transparency to his business to rectify some weaknesses that are in the market place.

Whilst the business has aged Hylton has moved on a passive path from contract carpenters to building outdoor areas right through to apartment building when the opportunities have arisen and still working.

Hylton Constructions has been involved with many joint project developments and understands first hand how working with clients, business partners, contractors and employees.  With transparency, honesty and integrity Hylton can deliver outstanding work that will be appreciated by all.

Hylton Constructions has a in house carpentry team as well as contractors that have work 10 plus years.

Dean often points out to clients that we believe that we are all working together and with that approach clients can be sure that they are not in it alone.

He aims to continue to grow at a passive rate to never lose the personal touch.